My Blog Name

As you probably already have figured out this blog post is going to be about my blog name, and that´s because I think my blog name is a bit odd.

Sometimes (very often) I can feel like I´m not like others, that I think different, do different things, dress different… and I like that, to stand out from the crowd, because who wants to be like everyone elseI know that I don´t want to.

But sometimes I think people can think that I go a little over the edge with being different,  they think I´m weird and that I shouldn’t do the things that I do because it´s not the normal thing to do. But I don´t really care about what they think, because that´s not important to me. But I have always wondered why many people think that different is bad. Are they scared of the foreign or what is it?

But anyways, that´s the explanation to my blog name, AlienGirl, is that I can feel like an Alien in some situations, and the explanation to the other half of my blog name is (very easy and you have probably already figure it out) that I´m a girl.

Picture (not mine):

Thats it, and thank you for reading (if anyone even did).

AlienGirl leaves the Earth…


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